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Frequently Asked Questions

CashPortals Auto-Pilot MoneyMaking Network

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Automatic Income Generator - Cashportals Work?

It's Fast... It's simple. When you sign up for your account with Cashportals, you'll automatically be taken into the members-only area which takes you step by step through the process of making money with http://www.10d10.com - The Automatic Income Generator. You could be earning money in a matter of minutes – not days, weeks, or months like other systems.

You'll also be automatically set up with your very own turnkey autopilog money-making website that features dozens of different hot programs from major worldwide money making opportunities - just a few clicks away... You'll earn a commission each time someone clicks some of the hot offers, and buys from or through your website!

Now! -Every time you, your family, your friends, or your co-workers needs something (or even want in on this amazing deal...), why not let them do it through your website and you'll earn a profit each and every time. All you have to do is tell people the address of your website that you get the instant you signed up, and we take care of the rest.

But you don't have to stop there. We will also show you how to turn this into a full time Internet business. You'll be able to drive free visitors to your website from all across the Internet, from major search engines, blogs, forums, newsletters, and more, using our simple, step by step tools.

And best of all, each time any visitor to your website signs up for an account of their own, you get accredited and could earn a commission automatically from a portion of sales at their sites too. (..this among others, is only possible through the multi-tiered affiliate-programs arrangements offered... Not many knows, less takes advantage of this little known secret, but, you will once you're in this powerful member-only-program!)

How much money will I make?

REMEMBER:: While There is no limit to how much money you will make, it would be both impossible as well as un-ethical - even illegal by law for me to promise you or anybody how much you will make. No-body in their right minds could tell such a thing, as that depends on your own determination to make money, your previous skill etc. etc. So, I simply cannot tell how much you will make as I would be violating the law by doing so. (You shouldn't be doing this mistake either!)

However:: The potential is humongous. Rather, it is monstrous indeed... And... The more people you get to visit your website who sign up for their own free account, or clicks and buys through your personally branded affiliatelinks - the more money you will make.

Your commissions could be as high as 80% per product sold through your affiliate accounts. This could amount to everything from a couple dollars, to a hundred dollars a product! (maybe an average of $10.00 to $27.87 somewhere... But, remember!

..This is auto-pilot money that will generate as you bring traffic, and you can easily do this from home, either as a part time, as well as a full time business... ..All according to your personal preferences. And, except from some investment bringing traffic - either for free or through other means, that's about all you'll have to do!

All else, like hosting, support and maintainance is taken care of for you! That is yours completely FREE for the taking when you act now! You'll even get valuable tools (All FREE for a limited time!) - getting you going, and, when you chose the PRO option, there are even more goodies waiting for you...

How will I be paid?

Payments are either done through your own account with Clickbank™, or from the individual associate-programs themselves. The terms may differ from operator to operator and you will be paid for your affiliate sales accordingly!

What's the catch?

There is none! This is one of the fastest, easiest, and most straightforward ways for anyone to make money on the Internet. Unlike so many programs, this one is a real money making opportunity that's backed by a multi-million dollar industry. As an example: The Clickbank Marketplace™ alone, serves around 10 to 11 thousand products for several vendors, making it very easy, not least safe and secure to promote and market.

Are taxes taken out of my income?

No, not normally! However, As In "Taxes and Death"... and According to rules and regulations in your own country - members who earn over a certain income threshold will be asked to fill out IRS form W-9 or W-8 (or similar). As an independent operator and business operator/owner, taking care of taxes and accounting, is mandatory by law, and is your responsibility to take care of - as in all things else related to business.

This especially applies when you're making, or you're starting to make serious money... And, remember, this is the same no matter what money making program you're in (no matter what they say...) So, in due time, just a friendly advice not to get you into trouble with the IRS and your tax-hungry government - just make sure you take care of it when it applies!

Is this offer available outside the United States?

Yes! We accept members from all over the world who wish to make money by promoting and making money the easier way!

We have members from all across the world who have made money using this system – including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and more!

What will my website look like?

Your website will be a fully featured directory of hot offers, affiliate programs, (one as well as multi-tiered) and services. Just like the website you're at right now! Visitors to your site will be able to navigate and choose from a wide range of products and services (where you get paid for their purchases through your site!) - from major operators and vendors on the internet.

How Are My Earnings Taken Care Of?

Your Earnings and your commissions are taken care of by the individual operators, and you're paid accordingly from each of these selected program owners arrangements.

When sending people to this site, through your links, they're automatically tagged with a cookie (or similar technologies) - thus, when they're responding to your messages and your promotions, they're your customers - giving you the credit for most of the actions they do at this website!

In short, whenever these people come back to shop around, they're still tagged with your codes (perfectly legal, and 100% safe!) - and thus literally, so to speak - your own customers. And, whenever they buy through one of the links - you will be credited instantly, fast, and easily too! Just plain and simple logic, isn't it?

In sense, the customer is all yours until they either comes to the site through someone elses link, or they delete their cookies at their local machine. This however, is nothing we can control and depends entirely upon the actions of your leads and customers...

Why are the vendors paying out so much money?

These marketing campaigns are intended to bring in new leads and customers for the vendors and companies in these programs. In fact, businesses all across spend millions and endless millions of dollars every year paying out commissions to promote their products and services.

In the past, all of these marketing dollars went to other large companies and major advertising networks. Besides, these clever marketers know already, perfectly well, that there is no way they can manage to come across all those people around - all on their own. In short, they don't have access to the same people you do, and, in order to make an extra buck or two in the playing, they're more than willing to pay you a fair share of their profits for your help!

So now, when you're signing up for the Cashportals Automatic Income Generator Program™ you will finally have a piece of the action by tapping into the most profitable industry in the world of internet...

So go ahead and sign up right now – You have nothing to lose! Don't you owe it to yourself to do this? Don't waste another minute and start cashing in right this moment!

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