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Frequently Asked Questions

CashPortals Auto-Pilot MoneyMaking Network

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Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program - Terms, General Disclaimers And Conditions Of Service

This agreement states the terms and conditions that govern your participation in the Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Website Program. This is a legal agreement made between you and http://www.10d10.com


You will be paid for each successful transaction through your affiliatelinks and links at this site/your site and is paid according to the terms of each corresponding program owners standings - as well as depending on the offer.


Commissions are paid according to same (as above) - For more instructions, see the FAQ.

Program Definitions

"Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program" refers to the corresponding affiliate programs, own, others, website, URL, members area access and all other applicable services that are provided to you by Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program - through which you will market and send your traffic to generate your own independent income.

"You" refers to the person or other legal entity participating in - Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program

"Products" refers to products and services available, but not limited to offers and other services that are provided you at Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program

"Your Site" refers to the web pages and site/s provided you as a part of the Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator systems on which you have permission to market Products.

"Visitors" refer to any customers and visitors that visits Your Site at any given time through your particular links.

"Program owners, vendors, Services and Partners and third parties" refer to the entities that provide Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program - with Products to be marketed through Your Site.

"Qualified Leads" refer to visitors who meet the criteria for being defined as a qualified lead as provided to Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program by their terms and partners. In general, a qualified lead must complete the transaction for a Product through your links, and in some cases must be approved for the Product to generate you a profit whether from direct sales, direct affiliate sales or others. This is subject to change.

"Revenues" refer to the sum total of the commissions owed to you for Qualified purchases generated in connection with your participation in the Cashportals Automatic Income Generator Program


You do agree to take responsibility for and to pay all applicable taxes due in your legal jurisdiction arising as a result of this agreement. This includes, but not limited to, taking care of, and getting hold of proper tax forms, registrations, accounting as well as taking care of your own business registration if applicable, and taking care of expenses thereof on your own. You are in business on your own, thus regulated according to law as such.


You agree that you are at legal age as of accordance with your legal jurisdiction in your region or country. (NOTE: Some countries and/or jurisdictions requires you to be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in programs like this. We reserve the right to refuse anybody's participation in the system at any time for any reason.


You are solely responsible for all your actions and activities related to the operation and marketing of your site and this program. This is an indepentent business, as in this case: This is Your Business, and you agree to treat it as such. You shall be responsible for all expenses incurred in connection with promoting your web site and building your business.

Furthermore - You're responsible for judging the applicability and the advice and marketing information you're given as a part of the - Cashportals - The Automatic Income Generator Program to your business and your personal situation. You understand that all actions you take are solely at your own risk and at your own expense. There are no explicit guarantees or promises that you will make a certain amount of money. Actually, there are no such guarantees or promises at all - as you will use whatever information given to you and make your business decisions, promotions and / or investments based on your own free decisions and actions. You are aware, as in all business endeavours, there is and are risks involved, and you are aware that it even is possible, as in all business ventures - to lose money. So, you agree to Use your own discretion.

Site Content

The products and service listed at your site and this network, will be taken care of and managed by Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program - and you will not be able to make changes to specific elements of the offers and services available. This includes, but not limited to - things as - text, images, and other related information. In essence, unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing at this site, your control over your site is to be found within your personal controlpanel, and changes made here - by you - will in such only affect settings at your own personal site.

Failure to follow these rules, at this page and / or at any other page at this site - or network of sites will - or at least can result in immediate termination of your service and forfeiture of all commissions accrued.

All other content, when and where appliccable, at your personal site is solely your own responsibility and you agree not to post or link to - sexually related, hateful, tasteless, controversial, obscene, harmful, or illegal content, or any other content disagreeable to us or our services or partners, for any reason.


Inside your control panel, you have a set amount of tracking devices (trackers, banners and /or banner trackers and rotators - all reporting of your qualified leads and traffic in real time. These trackers can be used both for the promotion of this program, as well for any other program and/or service of your choice - solely as long as they're within the terms, directions and disclaimers at this network/website. Taking care of this issue is solely the responsibility of each and every individual member, no matter whether an individual or a business - of this website. The reports, where and if appliccable that are available to you in the Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program are provided for your tracking needs, and for informational purposes only and may or may not be entirely accurate. And, where appliccable, all reports provided to you by our services, partners and like, will be the final say in all disputes.

We reserve the right to reject leads that are not qualified for any reason as determined by us and our services and/or business partners.

Spam Policy

There will be Absolutely no spamming tolerated. In short, we neither support, condone nor accept spamming and spammers. Any user or users reported and found guilty of spam, as defined by us and at our sole discretion, will be terminated immediately and will forfeit/lose all aggregated revenues and commissions earned. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to the use of unsolicited bulk email, and other forms of spam such as "bulk" traffic, "autosurf" traffic or anything else that overloads server resources in any way. You may also be subject to fines and legal action, so take care of your actions and act and promote accordingly. Appropriate and ethical.


You hereby acknowledge and agree that Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program at all time is and will remain the sole owner of the Network, System, Software, the site, domain, URL, username, intellectual property, and any and all of the components and / or singular parts of this service. Your participation in this program/system grants you temporary use of the mentioned features and benefits for the exact period of time that you are an active user of this service.


You acknowledge that during and due to the terms of this agreement and service - you may encounter and get inside views and access to what can fall under the terms as classified and / or confidential information that is of proprietary nature. In such, you solemnly agree not to disclose any proprietary information to third parties without the prior written consent from the Cashportals Automatic Income Generator Program / http://www.10d10.com furthermore, you agree to take reasonable measures to ensure that any confidential and / or proprietary information you are aware of is kept strictly confidential at all times. Furthermore, you agree to report any breach or potential breach of this confidentiality.

Modification of Terms and This Agreement

We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time at our sole discretion without prior notice. Changes will publicly take place by posting the new agreement at our website. In such, You agree periodically to visit and review the website in order to stay aware of any modifications to this agreement.


This agreement may be terminated by you at any time for any reason. This agreement may be terminated by Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program - at any time for any reason provided that Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program pays you all owed commissions (where appliccable) - up to the date of termination. This agreement may be terminated by Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program - immediately, without prior notice, and without payment of any commissions (where appliccable) in the event that you breach any of the terms of this agreement as stated at this site and network of sites, partners sites included.


WE MAKE NO EXPLICIT WARRANTIES TO YOU THE USER, OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO YOUR EARNINGS, CAPABILITIES, THE SERVICE Cashportals The Automatic Income Generator Program, ITS CONTRACTORS, SUBCONTRACTORS, THIRD PARTIES, NETWORK OF SITES, AFFILIATES ETC. PROVIDE YOU. WE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS AND/OR MERCHANTABILITY OF THIS PRODUCT(S) AND / OR SERVICE FOR ANY PURPOSE, PARTICULAR AND/OR IN GENERAL. FURTHERMORE: We WILL NOT AND ARE NOT TO BE HELD LIABLE for any loss, loss of income, damages etc. suffered by you and/or your associates - whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, consequential/inconsequential, including, by not limited to, loss of data, loss of service, interruptions and/or failure and/or downtime, regardless of cause or fault. We are under no circumstance what-so-ever - not responsible for any loss, or lost profits, or for your loss of data profits and/or information. Also, there are no implied, promised - direct or indirect guarantees what-so-ever concerning your ability to make money or not with this program.

Whatever amounts mentioned or not mentioned about or related to income and/or income claims are purely for educational purposes and educational purposes only, as is all other information residing at this site, and/or at this network of sites. In such, you take all responsibility and all risk for all your actions and in-actions concerning this site and network of sites and services/products. You are not an associate of this website, service and / or network of sites and product/service. You are an individual contractor, assuming your own risk, your own business plan and your own action - which all are your own sole responsibility. This agreement does not make you an employe, nor a legal representative or similar to this site and/or network of sites and services/products. You are responsible for your own actions, as well as for your own legal stature, as well as for your own earnings through the use of this service and related network of partners, associates and sites and service/products. How much you make, is entirely up to you and dependent upon your own efforts and how you take care of your own business. This is only a means for you to make just that - an instrument to help you, based on your own judgement, discretion and responsibility to run your business, hopefully with great success!

Entire Agreement

If any portion of this agreement is found or deemed to be invalid or impossible to enforce, that portion of these terems shall be dismissed, while the remainder of these terms shall remain and be executed as they're stated herein and throughout this site and network of sites and third parties and associates. Furhermore, Note that the different subject headings throughout the articles and sections are for your convenience only. They shall not affect the construction or interpretation of any of their provisions. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us in regard to their subject matter and supersedes all of prior agreements, representations, and/or understandings hereof. All information at this website, and/or network of websites is/are for your educationalpurposes only. It is up to you to judge and decide whether to act on it or not in a responsible manner. All risk whatsoever from your action - and/or inaction upon any or all information herein rests solely upon your shoulders. In case of doubt, make sure, as it is your sole responsibility and risk to find or seek out appropriate corresponding counsel or legal as well as professional advice, whether be it concerning, but not limited to - your business, private, financial as well as physical and psychological well being and security. In the event of a dispute, the parties agree to submit the matter to the Community Dispute Resolution Service or any recognized Arbitration Board located within our state and county, before instituting litigation.

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